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Company History and Information

Crystal Creek Estates, Strongsville

Collier Estates, Strongsville

Avery Walden Subdivision, Strongsville

Cedar Creek Estates, Strongsville


Masonry restoration / repair

Excavation, site development

Architectural brick work

Landscaping / Hardscaping

Custom design homes and construction



Insurance restoration

Office building at: 11005 Pearl Road, Strongsville

Office Building at: 18400 Pearl Road, Strongsville

Quadax Inc. 7500 Old Oak Blvd, Strongsville

Darice Inc., Strongsville

Pat Catans Craft Store, Strongsville

Strongsville High School Football Stadium, Strongsville

The Chamber Sign at Route 82 and Pearl Road, Strongsville

Strongsville Service Center, Strongsville

CVS, Strongsville

Alteration Express, Strongsville

E.L Mustee and Sons Inc., Cleveland

Rae Ann nursing Home, Cleveland

Strongsville Retirement Center, Strongsville

Albion Place Office Condo, Strongsville

Strautzenberg College, Strongsville

Ripepi Funeral Homes, Parma

RPM, Medina

Strongsville Police Department, Strongsville

Scranton Associates at: 17647 Foltz Parkway, Strongsville

Strongsville Fire Department at: 17000 Prospect Road, Strongsville

SIFCO Forge Group at: 970 East 64th Street, Cleveland

Strongsville School Board

Strongsville Soccer Association

Strongsville Wrestling Association

St. Joseph and John School

The Mary House

Strongsville Cemetery

Strongsville Mausoleum

Strongsville Historical Society

Strongsville Communication Center

Strongsville Recreation Center

Strongsville Food Bank and Storage Garage

Maintenance Service Contracts:

E.L. Mustee and Sons Inc., Cleveland

Quadex Inc.

Ripepi Funeral Homes, Parma

Darice Inc., Strongsville

Pat Catans Craft Center, Strongsville

St. Joseph Church, Strongsville

CMS Investments LLC, Strongsville